Tom Papa: Freaked Out (2013) +1

Tom Papa: Freaked Out (2013)

He knows how to make an entrance, too bad he isn’t funny. I really thought since Rob Zombie was involved it would be great. Not so, this is one of the least funny comedians I’ve ever seen. I kept waiting for him to get funny, it didn’t happen.

All of his ideas are wrong; he’s trying to be funny but there’s no truth in his jokes, and being able to relate to humor is important if you’re trying to be funny. Perhaps it was the delivery, I can imagine some of the material would be funny if delivered by someone else.

Since not one of his jokes was funny it’s a waste of time and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. In the end he just doesn’t deserve more than 1 out of 5 stars.

Check Out Tom Papa: Freaked Out on Hulu.  A frequent guest of late night talk shows, Tom Papa showcases his uniquely optimistic humor in his first Epic comedy special, executive produced by Rob Zombie.
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