Black Widow (2008) +1

Black Widow (2008)

First… so many movies with this name. Ambiguity never helps a film.

Not very good. This might be the worst with it’s name. Perhaps I was wrong, you’d never pay to see this if you knew this was the version you were going to get. Perhaps you’re hoping for a superhereo movie with a girl in tight clothing, this isn’t it.  The characters are all transparent, the script predictable and the scenes all look like scenes. The best part of the movie is the orchestra. There I found something good. It gets 1 star for the music for a total of 1 out of 5 stars.

Check Out Black Widow on Hulu.  Elizabeth Berkley (SHOWGIRLS) stars in this sexy thriller about a photo journalist who begins to suspect her best friend’s new love interest could be linked to the murders of wealthy men.
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