The Jazz Singer (1927/1959/1980)+5

The Jazz Singer (1959) +5

I was expecting Neil Diamond and got Jerry Lewis. Not what I was expecting at all, but very good. I don’t recall Jerry Lewis singing so well, but he does in this and he’s a pretty good actor too.  Although it’s aged a bit it’s still a good movie.  With 19 minutes left in the film, Jerry looks like one of the today’s rappers trying to push the bounds. It’s amazing how far the bounds have been pushed in so short a time.

It just leaves me wanting to watch Neil Diamond. It’s not over and I’m doing research and I see that it’s the 1980 movie I expected. Also found a 1927 version. I don’t want 3 different reviews so I’m doing them all here.

Check Out The Jazz Singer on Hulu.  Cantor Rabinowitz is upset that son Joey has no desire to become a synagogue center, a family tradition for five generations. When the cantor falls gravely ill, Joey grapples with filling in for his ailing father, or seizing the opportunity to be a star.
( ) Only the 1959 version was found on Hulu.

The Jazz Singer (1927) +5

I could do without the overture since the whole movie is silent and has she same score. It’s the same story as the other two versions. It makes more sense in the 1920s that someone must be the same occupation as their father.

It’s actually more compelling than the 1959 version. Jerry Lewis put on a better performance and had a better show by every other right. But the story was more compelling without his personality.  This one was as much about the father and mother as the son.

I can see why it’s been remade… twice.  It also follows that redoing the music each time has paid off.  Although his “Goodbye Tootsie, Goodbye” is spot on.  About an hour in a half in is one of the most beautiful prayers I’ve ever heard, worth watching the rest on x4 speed to see it.

So much has changed in 90 years. What does the future hold for 90 years from now? Even our perceptions of reality have changed through mass communication and misinformation.

I’m not sure if the Temple didn’t want the prayer’s sung in 1959 but it’s nice to hear them in the original. After hearing the Holy Prayers I can’t give this less than 5 stars.

The Jazz Singer (1980) +5

Watched all three back to back, this one last. Before today, it was the only one I knew of and today it was an all day project. But I think it was worth it, I saw the story from a new perspective that crossed 3 generations telling the same story. I’d be an interesting class project of some sort. Not sure what class you get to watch movies, but these three do show the evolution of our society.

All together I’m giving them a collective score of 5 out of 5 stars. Same story, 3 versions across 3 generations.  Heck, it’s time for a remake, let’s see this done again for a new generation.



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