Wetlands (2013) +2

Wetlands (2013)

It’s a movie about a girl and her complications with hemorrhoids. It’s mostly gross and slightly informative. The second part gains it a bonus star as does putting the need for God first. Unfortunately there’s not much more for a total rating of 2 Stars.

The film is in German and begins with the following text:

“Dieses Buch sollte weder gelesen noch verfilmt werden. Es ist nichts weiter als ein Spiegel dieser traurigen Gesellschaft. Das Leben hat doch so viel mehr zu bieten als solch ekelhaften Perversitaten des menschlichen Herzens…  Wir brauchen Gott”

or roughly in English:

“This book shouldn’t be read or adapted to film.
It’s nothing more than a mirror of our sad society.
Life has so much more to offer than the disgusting perversity of the human heart…
We need God.”

P.S. Time to break the fourth wall. People recommend movies for many reasons, not sure what the reason for this one was; but you know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourself.  But at least for a German movie it wasn’t half bad, hemorrhoids aren’t the worst topic in their films.


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