Space Milkshake (2015) +2

Space Milkshake (2015)


Meh…. starts of week, thinking 1 star. First half of movie isn’t as good as the comercials for bipolar depression that are playing over and over in a loop on hulu.  By the 2nd half we have George Takei as the voice of the monster “Gary.” This is worth a 2nd star just because it’s Takei!  It doesn’t make the show any better but it makes it watchable and slightly funny.  Adding to the humor is the monster started off as a rubber ducky and even when he’s full grown he still has the funny squeek. You could likely watch the last 20 minutes alone and not miss anything.

Check Out Space Milkshake on Hulu. Four bottom of the barrel “space-waste” technicians find themselves in a battle against time and a mutating space duck as their spaceship inadvertently leaps back and forth between dimensions.
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