Antichrist [2009] +1

Antichrist (2009)

If they were trying to make me uncomfortable they did it. In their defense they sure know how to start a movie. Just get on in there.

The statues of Pain Grief and Despair shadow an unsupervised child fall to his death while his parents are busy, in a non-simulated sex scene. It is an art piece with the mother’s grief pattern landing her in the hospital and the husband thinking he could do a better job doing hypnotherapy on her in the woods.

The whole time I’m wondering how they named this film. Is it that they try to get through the loss of a loved one, a child, without any faith? They speak of many things, but God isn’t one. “Nature is Satin’s church.” is about as close as anyone does to a prayer.

They do a good job at representing dreadful emotions. With chapters like Grief, Anxiety, Pain, Despair Genocide, you can imagine how fun it is. When the three beggars arrive someone must die.

How about one scene that includes: smashing testicles with a log, cutting a screw hole through a leg and attaching a grinding wheel, throwing away the wrench, before getting insanely mad each time he tries to escape.  He tries everything but really sucks as a therapist.

I’d give it two stars for a deeper insight into the human condition. Although I’d like the time back I spent watching this and since I would prefer to delete much of it from my memory we’re going to only give it 1 star. If you watch it, it’s not my fault; perhaps you’re looking for something to make you feel worse.



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