Love [2015] +2

Love (2015)

It’s 3D so put your glasses on….  so the show starts, then it goes mature pretty quick; double checking, nope not a porn. However; it’s the most graphic I’ve ever seen in a non-porn. I’m really glad when the full male frontal ejaculation scene came up, I wasn’t watching it in 3D.

Seems like the whole film he’s in regret for a broken condom when he was cheating on his girlfriend. Dude is not happy with his home life, his women, either pregnancy or anything else.

A good story shouldn’t have to have a bunch of gimmicks to make it better.  The cutting back and forth to flashbacks is annoying. …not even full scenes. Perhaps it’s my school that taught me that flashbacks are a lazy way to tell a story that isn’t good. Between the hardcore sex scenes, the flashbacks, the 3D it’s clear they tried as hard as they could to make this a hit.  But the slow barely existent plot wasn’t enough for a 135 minutes.

This movie only gets 2 stars, both for the realistic sex scenes, it’s clearly not simulated. The key element of making the viewer care about the people in the movie just didn’t happen with me. I don’t relate to this jerk at all.

“If you fall in love… you are the reason.”



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