Total Recall [2012] +2

Total Recall [2012] +2


Did Hollywood run out of scripts? There sure are a lot of things being remade. With that said I like the original and it’s been a while so perhaps it’s great; time to start the show and give it a chance. Looks like Dubstep is still jammin’ in the future.

Perhaps they aren’t recycling the scripts as much as they are the franchise of the name. Same plot but with stars I never cared about; all the best parts of the original are gone and they didn’t add anything of value new. The quality of this vs the original is lousy. If you are going to remake something do it better!

In the end I can’t give this any better than an average rating but since they made me sit through it my Rating is only 2 of 5 stars. Go rent the original, it’s better.


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