Shutter Island [2010] +5

Shutter Island [2010] +5


A woman goes missing from a Psychiatric Hospital and a couple Feds go in to find her. Two police team up for the first time in this case and find they are experimenting on patients. A few clues show up suggesting that there is 1 more patient than they claim, a 67th patient. They had planned on leaving when the marshal refused access to the staff records but a terrible storm floods the island so they continue the investigation.

Flashbacks, migraines followed by psychiatric medication start our protagonist down a slippery slide to insanity. His partner even suggested that perhaps the government set them up to go on this assignment because they had been asking too many questions.

Imagine finding yourself alone in a cold dark civil war fort with criminally insane patients on the loose. He finds an old friend locked up in the C ward who tells him “If you want to uncover the truth you have to let her go; she is going to kill you.” Here he also finds out the lighthouse is where they cut open brains.

His partner is from Portland, then he is from Seattle, finally he is dead at the bottom of a cliff. When he finally finds the woman he was looking for and finds out she was a doctor. One crazy thing after another happens, enough to make you question your own sanity, certainly enough to make him question his.

What is worse, to die a monster or die a good man? This thriller could be viewed a few times before you get all the nuances and it’s better than average at that. Shutter Island gives me insight into the world although it has given me no great enlightenment for having watched it but still gains 5 out of 5 stars for having been done so well.


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