She’s Out Of My League [2010] +4

She’s Out Of My League [2010] +4

shes out of my league

Our hero gets the message that no woman wants to date a Moodle (Man-Poodle). Good thing he gets the message, he needs it.

Friends and strangers may rate us based on how we look: our bodies, education, jobs or the car we drive. In this show we find a perfect 10 who is interested in an old fashioned 5 because she thinks a man who looks like him couldn’t hurt her. His friends convince him that there is no way for him to have a real relationship with a 10 because the gap is too big. What is really important however is how we feel about ourselves and others, not to compare, but to realize, we all have something special within us.

Cute movie with a message so it’s above average but you won’t see it twice; it earns 4 out of 5 stars.


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