D.C. Sniper [2010] +3

D.C. Sniper [2010] +3


After 911 we had a sniper killing people in Washington D.C. This documentary is about those killings and the people involved.

Two men responsible for the killings and the older one (John) knew about the US government poisoning the Gulf War Veterans. They found that even solders that didn’t go overseas got the same syndrome and the only common thread was the vaccines. They analyzed samples of the vaccines and were determined to bring down the bureaucracy.

Before Desert Storm John was a good man, but after he changed his name to Mohammed and was very angry at everything, especially our government.

The younger man (Lee) was only 17 when the crimes were committed, Lee was sentenced to life in prison without parole and Mr. Mohammed was sentenced to death. John told his “adopted” son that he had a message from Allah and it was to kill. (For the record, if you think you are getting messages from God, be sure to test the source. Sources of good will not ask you to do evil.)

The manifesto that was release was treated as a joke and was not released to the public. The official story was it was a personal revenge killing, perhaps a jealous boyfriend or something. I have no idea how killing random people helped their cause, but somehow they thought that it would. His goal was to cause enough terror that people would think the government couldn’t protect them anymore and rise up against them.

John was speaking to a camera for much of the movie. “These people are capable of anything… who controls the world, the corporations. They set the rules and the guidelines, they run this world, not the government, not you or I. Why do you wait, you too are members of the club.”

Not sure why they kept telling us about the one of the investigators daughters becoming an internet slut or about him visiting his father’s grave, etc. Honestly the added plot line was dumb. While we are at it, the end sort of sucked also.

It’s hard to rate documentaries. It was well done but it sure doesn’t make you feel good, but it is informative and should be seen by anyone who wishes to understand how this happened. It’s not the best documentary but it’s still worth 3 out of 5 stars.


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