Green Zone [2010] +5

Green Zone [2010] +5

Green Zone

Green Zone is a dramatization about a Jack of Spades (not the real one) who fully disclosed that no WMD exists since the dismantling of their program in 1991 but that the US officials had no interest in the truth since it was their plan to go there regardless of the facts.

We as Americans are responsible for our government’s actions. Our inactions are implied consent to tyrannical world domination. We have destroyed Iraq, and no WMD were found. Bush even thought it was funny enough to joke about on the news.

As a child I would have never imagined that our government would lie, cheat, steal or murder but as an adult I see that that I was just naïve. We are lied to all the time, and as we just saw in our recent events on wall street and with the banks they will steal. Every day in wars all over the world, they will kill to achieve whatever goals have been set.

This is a must see for everyone who lives in America. Watch it a few times if you must to get the point. Since there are other movies that I have given 5 out of 5 stars for just entertainment value the only score that I can give this film is 6 out of 5 stars. Don’t Miss it!


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