There’s a Stranger in my House [2009] +5

There’s a Stranger in my House [2009] +5


Perhaps you see shows knowing ahead what it’s about, at least a little. I was expecting a horror flick and find a soul-full stage, relationship dialog and good singers. “Love is a dangerous game that we all have to play, take the sunshine and the rain.” Most movies I know I will only see once, some I have to take breaks just to finish; this one I will see again.

There have been many other movies I have seen that had too much money spent in their production of a bad script and mediocre talent. I wish these producers could get the same break.

Mama has a motto “Romance equals finance. Cha-Ching!” How does a mothers actions influence her daughter. “I hope you’re a preacher, because this trick needs Jesus.”

They bring in an amazing character, a PhD and Minister “As long as we have breath in our bodies, everything is alright.” He brings the family together in prayer.

There is a message of God that can’t be denied and this movie reaches out knowing we are sinners and shows us the first step, and that is prayer. This doesn’t look like Hollywood so don’t be confused that I give it 5 out of 5 stars as something that leaves me better off for having seen it.


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