Brothers War [2009] +4

Brothers War [2009] +4


The first thing I notice is the Masonic symbols on an old man’s jacket and watch in front of a tree that has something 4 ever carved upon it. Then it seems he has a flashback to the war in 1945 with the Germans. Forty minutes into the movie we see the symbol again as a tattoo as they comment that “what we have here is a man with secrets.”

Who are our allies, who are our enemies? Germans, Russians or British the lines are blurry. The Americans don’t show up until the last 10 minutes. Yesterday’s enemies are today’s allies, at least to a point. Any way it is sliced people die for politics, soldiers kill who they are told. During the movie I am not sure whose side we are on. The Germans and Russians are both brutal, and the English are not the stars. Perhaps there are no good guys and bad guys, only soldiers doing their jobs.

Faded photographs, and old man’s memories, people trying to do the right thing in war, this was a somber movie that leaves you feeling a bit empty. Rate 4 out of 5 stars.


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