G-Force [2009] +4

G-Force [2009] +4


I for one am glad the hamsters are on our side. This movie brings a whole new look at having a mole on the inside. If cute movies make you sick to your stomach, avoid this film. Coffee makers from hell in project Cluster-storm promise doom to all mankind unless G-Force can save us.

Sometimes I hope that the fate of the world is not left up to us humans, perhaps gerbils, hamsters and moles make better long term decisions, none of them will put the world at risk.

There are many things that make a movie average and this one has them all, but the rodents make it better so against my will I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

After watching it a second time, it still earns 4 of 5 stars but it’s one of those Disney movies that make you feel good. If you have a down day, let the G-Force cheer you up.


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