Frozen Kiss [2009] +3

Frozen Kiss [2009] +3


It’s 5 below 0 outside and they are stuck, Shelly saw the wrong street so the authorities are looking in the wrong place. I am going to recommend altered state for this movie; Shelly chose crystal meth.

Before the movie even runs the opening credits a disturbed young man shoots himself in front of our heroine. From then on Shelly is a bit crazy; hallucinations, mumbling to herself, flashbacks of dead people. Who is the guy calling her a whore? Did they hit and run on him? Skinheads got Elliot?

It’s a little bit better than your average flick and earns 3 out of 5 stars. It would have earned 4 but they died. Guess without that though we would not have had the Frozen Kiss.


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