Surrogates [2009] +2

Surrogates [2009] +2


In this disturbing reality most interactions between people happen with surrogate robots. It is the robots that go to work, go out dancing, and when one is destroyed it’s called vandalism.

An unregistered unit is destroyed leading an inquiry into who was the operator. When they finally find him they realize that his brain was liquefied inside his skull. So the guy who created the surrogates now thinks it’s a bad idea and is willing to kill everyone to undo his error. Too bad he didn’t ask the fat guy what to do. With his help our hero was able to eliminate all the surrogates but leave the humans alive.

Uncomfortable, implausible and slow; it may not be the worst movie of the year but in some years it would be in the running. It gets one point for concept earning it 2 out of 5 stars.


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