Skeleton Crew [2009] +1

Skeleton Crew [2009] +1


A psychiatric hospital with walls of varying dark hues, screaming and a storm yet still she decides to stay the night and to go exploring at that. Fifteen minutes into the movie we think this is one of those “don’t go in there stupid” movies. There is a crazy man with a video camera, and not just the director.

Who is the real monster? The movie is slow and not very interesting; your time would be better spent watching squirrels in the park.

Does watching a type of movie make you susceptible to that type of thinking? Would watching many snuff films make you wish to see someone else die?

If this movie teaches us anything it’s to not to watch things we don’t want in our heads. It’s hard to say it better than the guy in the movie “Can’t you see, this is like a bad movie.” You can save a couple hours by not watching this.

I have to ask, “who was this movie made for?” It must be made by Hollywood, for Hollywood. This movie earns no more than 2 of 5 stars but since I am not from there my final rating is 1 out of 5 but I bet the script read well.


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