How to Lose Friends & Alienate People [2008] +5

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People [2008] +5


This guy is an obnoxious jerk, but somehow you can’t help but to like him.

So the girl says to him “The moment is approaching where you will pay the price for being an asshole.” Then she sets him up with a cross-dresser.

We start our journey following a writer from his own magazine Snipe into a major publication Sharps magazine where he starts in the 1st room and seeks the secret door to the 2nd and so on until the magical 7th room is reached.

This has a scene to remember. The publicist asks an exotic young model to come to her who then takes off her shoes, then strolls across the pool. This act launches her into stardom and our star.

The first time we really see him excited is when he meets Sophie and the next time is when he is given permission to write a hack piece on someone. Even this story isn’t published.

Four months on the job with no words published, you really do have to wonder how he got the job, or how he keeps it. He doesn’t even lose his job when he gets the cross-dresser to dance for his boss.

So Sophie finally notices him and says “There is something very damaged about you, like an animal hit by a car… they walk all funny and the other animals keep away from them… you’re a big pig. I am drawn to sick animals.” Not long after this he does the unthinkable; he saves a friend from drunk driving instead of hooking up with the girl of his obsession.

All it took to move to the 2nd room and begin writing was a bit of begging and selling out. Once this was done he was able to up his game.

The next time we see his obsession he is offered unrestricted access to write a story for her then she says “you can be my bitch” and he is hired. She really does treat him like one. Right up to where she wants his dead mother’s ring and promises sex if she wins the following night and he relinquished it.

Then end scene is the same as the first, and she wins. But he loses as he tries to take the ring off her hand on her way to accept the award. Timing and grace aren’t his strong suits, but at least he realized that she wasn’t the right girl.

Good movie; comedy, romance, and adversity and the lead character becomes stronger for overcoming it. 5 out of 5 stars.


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