Taken [2008] +5

Taken [2008] +5


Sometimes we learn what is important when we lose it, Divorce separates families, and someone always loses the kids, but at least visitation is an option. Not everyone is so lucky.

The star of the show has a daughter and after retiring moves to be closer to her. There is a special bond between them on birthdays. We find out he is a special forces operative and a great body guard who knows how to pay attention to details.

His daughter tells him that she intends to go with her friend to Paris, but he finds out that she is tracing all over Europe following the U2 tour. The two girls are marked by a spotter at the airport who says he is waiting for a taxi offers to share a cab with them. After dropping them off he invites them to a party, but we can tell by his phone call soon after that he doesn’t have good intentions. While she is on the phone with her dad she sees kidnappers take her friend Amanda and he gives her instructions on how to shout descriptions of the men then she is also taken.

We find out that human traffickers from Albania have kidnapped her and he has at the most 96 hours to find her, so he travels to Paris. She was very lucky her dad has the skills he does and her stepdad has the money he does. They are all lucky he has friends in high places. No one else would have even a chance of being saved. When he finally finds Amanda, she is dead and his daughter has been sold. See the end of the movie yourself; please keep in mind how few have fathers like him.

This is the second time I have seen the movie. The first time I didn’t know how to rate it. The plot is great but not a pleasant topic. It does give awareness to something that does happen all over the world that most of us never think about. It’s hard to imagine a fate worse than many of them suffer. A well done movie with a message has to earn 5 out of 5 stars.


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