Jurassic Park Trilogy Pack [2007] +4

Jurassic Park Trilogy Pack [2007] +4


This movie franchise set the bar in dinosaur movies, before this they were obvious fakes and now it’s hard to tell live from computer generated graphics. If you are into these types of movies this is a must have trilogy with all three of the classic movies. Overall rating is 4 of 5 stars.

Jurassic Park [1993]

Our journey begins here and it’s an amazing trip. Even by today’s standards it’s a 5 of 5 in and of itself.

The Lost World – Jurassic Park [1997]

Larger in scope and slower pace than the original film they tried for more drama but failed at the mix giving it rating of 4 of 5 stars until the T-Rex got loose on the ship the last 20 minutes earns it 5 of 5 stars.

Jurassic Park III [2001]

The movie is ½ hour shorter than the other two and you have to ask, why go back again. Simple plot, someone has lost a child and it’s a rescue mission. This is the 3rd of the series and gets a 3 of 5 as it really gave us nothing new from the first two, shorter movie, same special effects, fewer stars.


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