Captivity [2007] +2

Captivity [2007] +2


First words out of my mouth as I watch this… “What the fuck am I watching?” My second thought is the same as the first. Keep in mind I watch these movies without knowing anything but a title and that it is on some top 100 list somewhere in the world or was once upon a time, but other than that, they are random. Is the horror, sci-fi, drama, comedy or gore? It’s not much of a comedy that’s for sure, unpleasant is even an understatement.

Dare model is taken by a mad scientist and now held in captivity. “Sex, torture, kill, it’s about the control.” She is not the first, is not alone others dead. Rats in cages, experiments with humans, blood and hair samples, crazy for sure. Kills in April, leaves ashes of last victim at scene.

We are left to wonder who this guy is also, ok she is famous, but why him? Then it hits me, wait a minute! We, the audience are rats in some other mad scientist’s experiment who uses film.

Every movie makes you feel something, this one isn’t so good. A movie that makes you feel better in the last 10 minutes after making you feel like shit for an hour and twenty isn’t my type of movie. There are few movies worse, but it was well done for the piece of shit that it was so I will still give it 2 out of 5 stars. You would be better off taking a yoga class than watching this unless you are sick too.


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