Daddies Girl [2006] +1

Daddy’s Girl [2006] +1


Blood, that’s the main theme of this movie. Sick little daddy’s girl has turned into a “real” vampire and is willing to do anything to get it.Revulsion, an uneasy feeling in your stomach, that’s what you get from this flick. I wouldn’t see it unless you really like non-gothic vampire movies.

Overall no one I know would be interested. It’s not really scary, it’s not really gory, it’s not really anything other than revolting.

It wasn’t worth the time to watch, having seen it I would recommend changing the channel if you see it on cable. Only the very end had the slightest surprise, you could watch it in fast forward until the last 5 minutes and get more value than I did having to sit through the whole thing.

Give me a chance to watch this movie again or give blood, I would rather do a plasma donation. Rating 1 of 5.


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