Casino Royale [2006] +4

Casino Royale [2006] +4


License to kill has a new meaning now days with the new bond. He is much more a blood and guts killer than we have seen before. The new Bond is less charming for sure; no girls for Bond until almost the end of the movie.

Personally I miss the old bonds, for some reason a movie with all this action was nearly boring even with wonderful scenes from around the world.

The dialog is boring but the action is non-stop. It’s like watching a cross-world marathon with guns. What has happened to all the cool spy gadgets that James Bond of old was known for? I do however love his wardrobe, nice suits and tuxes.

Shaken, not stirred wasn’t enough for this Bond. “Shaken or stirred?”, “Do I look like I give a damn?”

This was a great hour and a half movie, just fast forward through the first hour and you won’t miss much. It’s a bit too long if you ask me. If they cut the first hour down to 10 minutes it would have been better. Rated 4 of 5 stars.


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